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Who we are

DTC is the largest single-source logistics staffing and workforce management company in the US.

With an operating history of over 20 years and a diverse executive leadership team with 100’s of years of combined experience, we are equipped to handle the largest and most challenging logistics staffing projects. 

Where we operate hire staff

We provide a local client-exclusive team, with operations across the US. We’re here and we’re ready!

Our mission

We provide volume logistics workforce solutions and jobs in a safe, efficient, and ethical manner. 

Bring us your biggest workforce challenges and we will deliver you proven solutions.

"What if you were your staffing vendor's
only customer?"

Facts about DTC

Facts about DTC

Facts about staffing

Facts about staffing


By recruiting employees that could work for you and then sending them to another company, your staffing vendor is in direct competition with themselves and with you. 


The staffing industry services 30 to 60 customers per branch plus you!


Your staffing vendor’s other customers need the same types of employees as you.

Challenging situation? It's what we're good at!


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